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Carbon Disclosure
    2013 was a critical period for China to realize the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” for energy conservation and emission reduction. It was also the first year of the launch of China’s first batch of carbon trading pilots.Under the guidance, in conjunction with the carbon trading platforms in pilot areas such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc., initiated and launched the "Chinese Corporate Carbon Disclosure" project at the same time.The project was of a public welfare nature and was planned to be carried out once a year. It aimed to help Chinese companies find a carbon disclosure system that met the requirements of the government’s emission reduction policies and was suitable for corporate actual operations, promoted a unified carbon disclosure standard for Chinese companies, and helped companies improve the awareness and ability of carbon risk management, actively respond to the government‘s emission reduction policies, and minimize emission reduction costs.The "Chinese Corporate Carbon Disclosure" project was aimed at all companies engaged in production and operation activities in China, and focused on the key emission companies in the first batch of carbon trading pilot provinces and cities and companies that needed to submit carbon emission reports, as well as on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges listed company. The project was based on the carbon disclosure questionnaires responded by companies, through information collation and data analysis, and finally form a research report on the carbon emissions and carbon management status of Chinese companies that year. Project subject: ● demonstrate to the international community the efforts and achievements made by Chinese enterprises to cope with climate change and reduce carbon emissions under the leadership of the national climate change strategy research and international cooperation center and the joint promotion of carbon trading platforms in pilot provinces and cities and relevant associations and organizations; ● give play to the leading demonstration role of carbon emission enterprises and listed companies in pilot provinces and cities, guide more Chinese enterprises to actively respond to the government‘s carbon emission reduction policies, and change the binding force of emission reduction into the driving force to improve the low-carbon development level of enterprises; ● promote the unification of carbon disclosure standards of Chinese enterprises and lay the foundation for the establishment of an open, transparent and efficient national carbon trading management and operation system.

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